Thursday, May 29, 2008


phew.... I am mentally exhausted!! I have sat here for multiple hours, trying to get pictures for your enjoyment and have hardly anything to show for it! I wonder if I should waste a few more hours and get pics on here, or give it up for loss, hoping I can turn the rest of my day around... I will ponder a little longer as I fill you all in on life here in the Mansell home.

Well... I am sorry for the lack of posting! So much has happened since our last post.
~We had a trip up to North Carolina to visit our dear friends the Bloemsma's
~Nathan came home from College of Charleston, went back, came home, and then left for PA.
~Also, we took a trip to Columbia for a hockey game in honor of Nathan's birthday.
~...well, obviously, We celebrated Nathan's 19th birthday (yikes!)
~Were introduced to some of Nathan's friends. (Had a great visits with Hilary, Bo, and Conner)
~PUPPIES! (I think we have had a total of 29 puppies in our home the past 2 months. No worries. Not all at one time.)
~Our baby chicks are growing. They look so funny.
~Our milk and eggs are in high demand (which leaves little for our own mouths!)But good profits!
~Our big events at the moment are the home-schooling conference, used book sale in Beaufort and dance recital.

Well... I do not think I will spend anymore time on the computer today. I get too cranky!! At least now I know that I cannot have a job where I have to sit in front of a computer. (trying to find some profit to the past couple of useless hours...) Off to play some games with the kids outside.
Until next time! 


Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Elaina's Story

(click to enlarge) 

So, the moral of the story... Hmm... I will leave that one up to you! :)