Tuesday, April 29, 2008

A Visit...

We recently had a visit from our friends the Bloemsma's! They have 10 children (just like us) and we always have a BLAST together! They were on their way to camp at Hunting Island and stopped for a lovely visit at our house. Those of you who have been to our house, can be sure that we were banking on the lovely outdoors to entertain our guests...except there was a minor problem...RAIN!!!

SO... This is what nineteen (Nathan was @ Cof C) children do when it down pours...

Well... Play in it of course!!

Then, after they left, we visited them out at the beach... The rain seemed to follow us there as well, but as you have already seen, rain cannot stop the Bloemsma and Mansell clan from having fun!

Thanks for such a GREAT time y'all! We loved it!!

P.S. Soon to come is what actually happened this weekend. This was just a re-cap. I need to upload our pictures first.... :)

Sunday, April 27, 2008


Tonight, Bud (Yordy) was sitting at the table. Dad had just left to get the milk and Yordy then proceeded to say (in the most matter of fact way)...
"Dad can't go to heaven. He can't fly; he's too big." [obviously we need to work on our theology...but I just love the way children's minds work.]
When Dad returned, I told him what Bud had said. His response was simple.
"Bud, I will have special wings. The wings of Jesus. I will get there."

{I hope to post soon about our amazing weekend. I am kicking myself for not taking more pictures... until then!}


Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Strawberry Fields Forever...

Saturday morning we went strawberry picking at Dempsey Farm. The kids had a wonderful time. Jillian, Lawson and Nathan were sadly missed, but we came home with plenty of strawberries to share! Now if I can find the time to get the jam made...

Tamu's Birthday

Special thanks to Grami and Grandaddy, Mimi and Poppa and the rest of our family and friends for calls and kind words to Tamu!

April 15th was Tamu's Birthday!!! He is now four years old, but don't ask him how old he is yet 'cause he can't seem to get that fourth finger to stand up! His surprise was a trip to the Dollar store with Mom and Dad to get a kite! Mark gave him the hint that his present started with the letter "k" and we proceeded to go through the store looking for things that began with a "k". When we were close to the target I began filming and here is what happened...

Next we went home to fly the kite. Yes, a dollar store kite will fly, just not for very long (even if it is Batman)!

Finally, it was inside for another Mansell family cake. This was supposed to be a car, but turned out to be the green family truckster?

Watch out it is BIBLEMAN!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

God's One Mistake

Context: Getting ready for bed

"I don't like my hair"
Elaina: "But thats the way God made you Maddie!"
Maddie: "Yeah, I know. God made me beautiful, but my hair... I don't know...He messed it up."

:) ahh...the joys of girls...

Monday, April 7, 2008


I couldn't sleep tonight and thought I would try to be productive. I sat down and actually completed the Post Placement Reports due April 30th for Bethlehem and Habtamu! I am so excited because I usually have to rush at the last minute, my printer doesn't work and some other major thing happens to make these reports STRESSFUL. I tend to put off doing paper work, especially if it involves having to locate other papers to complete the paperwork! I have to complete a report on each adopted child once a year (six total), including a page of pictures. Jillian is always called in to save me when my pictures don't work and the printer is crazy...she will be so surprised tomorrow! So tonight, I am giving God all the glory as he molds me and shapes me; slowly redefining me from the inside out - I am no longer a hopeless procrastinator!!! I know this may sound a little crazy, but if you have ever struggled with procrastination you will completely understand! ....now if I can just get them to the post office on time....

"Shout joyfully to God, all the earth; sing the glory of His name; make His praise glorious. Say to God "How awesome are Your works!" Psalm 66:1-3a