Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Update! Update!

Hello all!
It has been a whirlwind the past week! Mom and I just returned home from our lovely stay in Charleston for her surgery. She left last Monday, so we were all grateful to have her home. 
The surgery itself went very very well. The doctor said it was the most boring one he has done. :) And, equally, the recovery process has gone swimmingly! Our one matter of concern is her back. The culmination of the surgery itself, laying down in the hospital bed, stress of being away from home and everything else has really messed up Mom's lower back. While we were in the hospital, it was so bad she couldn't stand and walking was so painful it made her want to drop to her knees. The good news is she is a lot better and can handle standing and walking longer distances before her back tightens up. But, that is our major request at the moment. 

Yesterday, mom and I had quite the adventure. After our last doctors appointment we took (what I was hoping would be a short trip) to the Citadel Mall. We entered Target where she hopped into one of those powered wheelchairs. Well.... Let's just say it was God's grace that the drugged Sharon Mansell did not injure any unfortunate shoppers. :) It only took a few moments to discover that that was not the best choice of action. I, rather rapidly went to find a push wheelchair. :)
She says I almost killed her, but you must remember which one of us was not medicated. :) I bumped into a few things, but I am determined a few little bumps was much better than knocking over rows of clothing or running over a poor child. :)

We have so many people to thank: 

All the nurses at East Cooper! Y'all were wonderful! We hope that God used us in your life's as much as He touched us through yours. :)
The Whole Bratz family, especailly Ms. Pam
Nathan, Conner, and Jack... thanks for your hospitality :) 
Denise Qualls
The Halseth's 
Michelle Norman
Collen Brant
Diane Burnett
Sheldon Baptist Church
Donna Winne
Gay McNair
Rhonda Thorton
Tammy Waldron
Kathy Qualls
Brenda Harmon
Sharon Strever
The Hodgin's
Stew and Audrey Butler
Gram Butler
The McMillian's :)
John and Ruth Ann Mansell
Beth Kephart 
Chris Butler

...and I am sure a thousand other people. We appreciate all your continued prayers. We have been blessed to be surrounded by such wonderful people, near and far. To see all the willing support has been so encouraging. Thank y'all!

Hope to update you more soon! Till then,


Friday, October 17, 2008

Monday, October 6, 2008

Quotes from Today

A sample of things you might have heard in the Mansell home today:

"No Eska. Game means game. Practice means practice." -the ever so descriptive Maddie

Background.... Maddie and Lawson are looking at a sports magazine together. Maddie exclaims:
"Michael Phelps!"
To which Lawson clarifys,
"No, thats a Canadian Woman."


Thursday, October 2, 2008

Garden Over Haul

Last minute we decided to plant a fall garden. With the economic situation, we thought it was a wise investment. There was only one problem- our garden was a forest! So, we spent a whole day out there working to get it all prepared. Drum roll please.....