Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Economy and God

Many of us are struggling with the cost of food and gas being so high right now.  I know for us, the increase has just recently impacted our daily life in a mighty way.  Someone sent this video to me and it was a reminder of how self focused we become during times such as now.  Did God fall off His throne recently?  Is God not God just because life is tough?  Does a bad economy change the promises God gave us in His word?  No, no and no - God is...

Many people will be forced to make changes in their daily lives.  Well, the good news is, if anyone needs to sell a home and relocate due to finances, we can all pray that we could impact a new community like the couple in the video! (click on the word "video" to go to the link)

Monday, September 29, 2008

What Makes a Mansell a Mansell

So another tale from the South Carolina Mansell home:
We were cleaning up the house when Bethlehem and Haddie Hope complained,
"You make us work hard"
To which I quickly replied, 
"Mansell's work hard."
Sassy Haddie Hope then reported,  
"I'm not a mansell."
"Really?" I asked.

"No," she simply replied. And brace yourself for her reasoning. No, its not her skin, or blood. Her mother or Father and anything by which you might say determines family relations. No... it is much more important. Her reasons:
"Because I like the Packers not the Steelers."
Simple as that. :)


Thursday, September 25, 2008

Autumn Princesses

This morning, Mom and I were graciously bestowed with Autumn Ivy and flower wreaths by our lovely girls. We just had to show you our lovely outer adornments. :p



Yordy and Haddie Hope got plenty of shots Tuesday. They were both extremely pitiful when they woke up Wednesday morning. My little Bud held up his arm and said, in the most whimpering voice you have ever heard, "I can't move it." No worries, they milked that as long as possible. :)

{Bud showcasing his wounds when they first got home}

Saturday, September 13, 2008

A Day at the Soccer Field

Hope you enjoy this little video I made of our HOT Saturday! Enjoy!


Double Trouble

Jillian has been posting and so I thought I better chime in with a "mom" report. We are settling into a routine which simply means everyone will get sick soon or something else will happen to keep us on our toes! The Mansell Mini Farm survived the summer and we are into the fall breeding season of our milk goats. Milk production is coming to a halt and a new pen was built for our star stud "Mr. Crosby". He is now around the does so we know when they are in heat. One problem we have is our pygmy goat "Oreo" aka "Double-stuff". He is ready to be the man and continually breaks into the girls (does) pen. I will post his picture soon just so you can appreciate the full story! There is NEVER a dull moment with so many children and animals.

Learning Geography Can be FUN!!!

The school year has begun and everyone is learning some geography. I thought I would post a video of the kids singing their favorite continent song to the tune of Yankee Doodle! The credit for this song goes to My Father's World and not myself! Each child gets a turn to lead the group - Elaina has a great penguin waddle and made the blog!

Yes, we allow the kids to stand on their chairs during school!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Adam and Eve

I put on a bible CD for the kids to listen today. It was on creation and Adam and Eve. It was so cute. As i was passing by I heard Tamu exclaim shockingly, "Adam and Eve are boy-friend and girl-friend!!"

oh Tamu....

Learning to Walk a Goat and Other Practical Lessons from the Mansell's

The love bugs swarmed me. Maddie was feeling sick and was on the couch. Mom had just dropped a latter on her foot and was inside doctoring it up. Eska and the girls were milking and our little buck Bingley needed to come in for his medicine. You wanna guess who had to bring him in? :)
So, those of you who have any experience with goats most likely know one thing about them. The one thing that sums up the whole species of them. They are stubborn. Boy... are they stubborn. 
And walking them to the destination you want is always a challenge. 
I walked up to the stall and opened the door. He came out very willingly. But when I wanted him to stop and wait for me to close the stall, he yelled in protest. (yes.. our goats yell) I tried dragging him, put that proved fully ineffective. Then I remembered the tad bit of advice Maddie gave me "They don't like if you are in front of them." So I stopped (at this point he was so determined not to go with me he was on his knees) and stood beside him. Realizing I was waiting for him to lead he stood up (and I can't help but think he did so rather arrogantly) and strolled along as if it were the Forth of July. I walked beside him, my hand gripped tightly to his collar (or as Maddie calls it, "necklace") and gently guided which direction. He wanted to be the one in charge. 
Once inside, we were examining his condition. It wasn't great. Mom assessed what he needed and went to work preparing it. It was the best thing for him, but did he want it? Of course not! He wanted the grain. Mom said, "why do you always do that? You never want what you need."

As i observed this all, i saw a striking resemblance of our relationship with God to goats. God wants to give us the best. Wants to lead us to the best place for us, but we say "I don't understand what You are doing." Like the goat had no idea why I wanted to lead him or where I did, but, if he weren't so stubborn, he would be a lot healthier now, and I can't help but wonder where I would be if I simply, easily, joyfully, and willingly followed my Heavenly Father wherever He wanted to lead me.

How often God must think, "You never want what you need."

"Man finds it hard to get what he wants, because he does not want the best; God finds it hard to give, because He would give the best, and man will not take it." -George MacDonald

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Dinner tonight was classic spaghetti. Mattie has had a rough time with tomato base stuff because of the bacteria in her stomach. It always makes her sick. So tonight she asked,
"Are tomatoes good for your body?"
Mom and Dad replied in unison, "Yes. Very!"
Maddie, obviously confused retorted,
"Then why does my body no like tomatoes?"
"Because of your bacteria" Mom answered.

All continued back to their important task of eating when Tamu spoke up and asked,
"Momma, why does my body not like vegetables?"

We all got a good laugh, and I hope you did to.

Much love,

Thursday, September 4, 2008

"No Food, PLEASE!"

In our house, one of my chores is to make breakfast each morning.  Mom chose this chore for me because I love mornings and love to make breakfast food!

So, a tale from this morning.

I woke up, fed the dogs, and came into the kitchen to start the task of breakfast. "What should I make?" I reviewed the contents of the pantry, thumbed through a cookbook, and was about the make chocolate-chip waffles (healthy I know...) when Yordy and Tamu file in. Yordy, the designated spokesman articulates:
"Jillian, we want cereal. No more food, PLEASE. No more food that makes us full."
"Yeah," Tamu pipped in. "All little kids like cereal."
I listened to their concerns in the most considering manner. :) But, I had to leave the kitchen to tell mom and laugh. "Please don't make us a nice hot breakfast and make us full. Please don't give us the best."
I suppose nothing is a treat if you have it all the time. Even if it is a hot breakfast.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

too long, eh?

Hello all! Well, as I am sure you have guessed, our lack of posting is the product of a busy schedule! I am sorry to keep you out of the loop for so long.  We have all wanted to post, but as our wise Youth Pastor says ever so often, "Direction not intention determines destination" So, no posts, but know we wanted to! :)

Can you believe it's September!! Tis unbelievable! It seems like summer had just begun, and now we are heading into the fall and winter months. wow....
WELL, Nathan has headed back to CofC (College of Charleston). He has an amazing apartment and is suffering from a cough he hasn't been able to get rid of since Africa (please pray for that!) While the rest of us have begun school! The kids LOVE it, which makes the process hardly painful. Our first graders are plowing through letters and sounds. They sound out everything! Today, I was making play dough for a special school project. Those who know me well, know I love surprises, so I didn't tell them what I was doing. Poor naive Eska thought it was some sort of bread dough and ate it! Needless to say, she was spitting into the trash can a few moments later. ;) But, they were very persistent in determining what I was doing. Finally they realized it had something to do with the school book I kept looking at and decided they would sound it out. :) They almost did, before I took it away. :) They are learning so quickly!
The weather here has been, funny, to say the least. (It always is during hurricane season) One afternoon we thought we were on a little house on the prairie episode.  It had been a rainy day, so i hibernated in my room, doing my favorite rainy day activities: reading and writing, when lo and behold, a heard a knock on my door. The rain had stopped and standing there looking a little confused was little miss Haddie Hope. She was talking so fast i could hardly understand her. I was able to make out something to do with Mom, the goats, and they needed my help. I ventured outside to see that Whoosha (our goat guard dog) had dug out of one of the fences, and that a tree had fallen on another fence.  We needed to move all the goats to another area (which did not exist in that moment... yet) then build them a new shelter for when the rain started again. Well, we set to work, and of course, dad was in a meeting and we couldn't get a hold of him. :) Mom built a very suitable gate for the new dwelling and the rest of us started on the shelter. Our heros the Bratz's showed up and helped us out. As a few of us were carrying some plywood across the yard it started to pour. The kids (And I ) loved it! :) Working in the rian is just so much more enjoyable. We continued on, building a shelter, getting plywood and climbing over fences with it, getting cut, and eaten by ants. The operation was quite a ordeal because we have a little buck sick with pneumonia, so we needed a dry spot for him as soon as possible. But anyway, we got it finished by the time Dad got home. We all were rather proud, not to mention soaked! :)
Also, recently staring in a phenomenal film was Sharon Mansell!! To check out this Ethel look a like, click here: I LOVE CHOCOLATE 
We love you all!
And secretly I am hoping we have to evacuate, because then, maybe we can visit some of you! :) Although, that is not a good thing to wish for. :)