Wednesday, December 3, 2008

choking, lying, and a different game plan

One evening Dad looks over at the little boys to find Tamu choking Yordy!
"TAMU!! Stop choking him!"
Tamu lets go and says,
"I wasn't choking him, I almost choked him."

While my grandparents were visiting, Maddie gave my grandmother a little angel as a  belated birthday gift. A little while later Elaina walks up to my grandmother and asks what that "thing" was.
"Oh, it is what Maddie gave me for my birthday."
"Oh," Elaina said thoughtfully, "well... um... ya see, we asked her to give that to you from ALL of us."
Yeah.... I told Dad later that she was most definitely HIS daughter. :) To which we fully took responsibility.


One afternoon, Mom, Ms. Pam and I were sitting in the kitchen, when I spotted Tame tip-toeing past the kitchen towards the back with a play tea cup FULL of water.
"What are you doing with that water Tamu?" I asked.
He stopped, pausing for a moment, then started walking towards the table where we were sitting.
"Uh...." He continued walking. "Um... I was just going to..... uh..... set it here!" He set it right in front of me and ran off before I could accuse him of anything different. :)


Brandon said...

Awe, I like these kinds of stories... :)

DP said...

Just commenting on that really near banner! I love it! great job!

nicole said...

this craked me up!! and i wanted to see if jillian would be interested in bringing some of the kids up one weekend for a photo shoot? or i could always pick them up... just thought it might be fun for them and good practice for me! i could also do some senior pics from jillian which i know she'll be needing.. unless you have something set up with someone else already!
hope to hear from you soon!
p.s. my new email is

grammy said...

wow. My son found this blog and forwarded to me, the mom of ten awesome kids. check out our site at

Nice to know there are other large families out there who are christians, love their children and SEE THEM AS A BLESSING.

Farila said...

I came to your blog by chance and thoroughly enjoyed reading few of your posts... LOL. Kids are precious. I have two different blogs one about my kids (one of them is with special needs) and another one about my childhood. and

Hope you find time to connect.